Тени Свободы - My Defect

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Исполнитель: Тени Свободы

Название песни: My Defect

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-09

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Текст песни:

Not enough taste, not enough sound
Not enough hue, have you ever,
Have you ever
Have you ever tried to search within
It’s a place that’s cold and sad, unfit for you to enter and we’re never
And we’re never gonna be akin
Always trying
To be more than a nature’s creation
If I offer a different vision
I’m not going to meet your least expectation

It is all my defect, broken parts that I turned into my badge of pride
I will end the day I
Find myself in a mass
It’s so good not to rush in a race to belong
Not to push through a line just for the sale of names
They don’t care about us
They don’t care about us

Steps cannot be made, or picture made complete
An opinion be acquired
If it’s not already screwed and packed
What frightening force you use protecting these ideas so admired
That you made no effort to extract

There’s no quest, no discovery
And no invention
You develop a gift of dissolution
Is it really the greatest of your intensions?

Where you are?
Where you are exactly in this all?
Where you are?
Go on and realie your final goal
Assemble and restrain
All these life forms left here belligerent that stain
This quiet place with their stuck out ambitious self
No individuals allowed in this ingrained domain

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Тени Свободы-My Defect

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