FPS - Expect

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Название песни: Expect

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something deep inside me
something i can realie
i can never find it
find it where it lyes
he can't see it
he can only feel
and by the words that kill you
you'll complete the deal

i see the murders everywhere
a people kill without a scare
a scare of a soul, a scare of an end
and i don't think they can expect

can't you see everything is play
everyone is always pretending
they afraid of fight to believe
and spend days of ??????? ready
people spend their lives is tight
the truth is gone away
and sometimes we'll hear heard's cry
so wait for the next time!

the night just killed a daytime
he gonna be fucking mad
the people who has test you
they all has turn their heads
so you walk into the streets of death
your face is wet from the rain
and you know nothing to expect
and not go of

Видео: "Destiny" News - What to Expect! ( MMO? FPS? )



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