Gary Jules - Nothing

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Исполнитель: Gary Jules

Название песни: Nothing

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Дата добавления: 2015-07-23

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Theres no fortune to be made here,
Its just a town like any other town.
Sure there must be good things left to say
Cant think of one, so...
I wont say,


Wears a pretty face and armor
She got shine at the surface and coal below,
Please dont tell me,
I already know,

Living like a mobile spinnig off its line
Fed up of always sad about the wheels-within-wheels
Tension rising higher, its coming through my window
And all I seem to feel...

is nothing...
Please dont tell me, I already know
Oh, its getting better now
But time will show

Nothing - never goes away
Nothing - never goes away

Tonight I saw her again
A blood red luna (looner?) sitting on the bridge
It could have been a sign but I dont believe in signs,
I... dont believe in...

Please dont tell me, I already know

Oh, its getting easier
But time will show

Shes got a brand new set of reasons
Why she cant let it go


Please, dont tell me, I already know,


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Gary Jules-Nothing

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