L7 - - Monster

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Исполнитель: L7

Название песни: - Monster

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Текст песни:

come on over,is getting too late...
is time to fish,no time to cut bait
foolish passion,you inspire...
with your kind of trouble,I'll never tire


Monster.....(monster in me)
Bring out the monster (monster in me)

In a world of diposable icons...
all the jokers,with phoney o' come on's...
I know,I can't depend on you...
when we're together,where hurting crew

you bring out the monster in me...

we don't need to look for trouble...
my partner in crime,my insanity double
when life takes a turn from bad to worst...
you're always there,my lovable curse

you bring out the monster in me...
monster in you

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L7-- Monster

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