Munruthel - Rolls Of Thunder From Fiery Skies

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Исполнитель: Munruthel

Название песни: Rolls Of Thunder From Fiery Skies

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Дата добавления: 2014-08-09

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Cliffs grin by the woods in a blae, by boiling springs,
Skyforger made the aure’s smooth surface white-hot.
Svarog’s descendants rise smoke by scorching heat –
The Universe’s true creator knitted his brows!

Ой, Чуры-Пращуры
Да напоят меня
Мёдом-сурьей сладкой
Да с травами душистыми.
На Заре лицо умою талою водой,
Да улыбнусь навстречу
Солнцу красному...

А Леса – наш Дом,
В Дубовой Роще – Храм.
Да в каждом Озере – Алтарь,
Зеркало для бездны звёзд.

Забери меня
В этот Дивный свет,
Где Природа – Мать,
А Боги – Праотцы...

Poisons filled the rivers as veins,
Trees are cut like hair again,
“Black blood” from Mother’s womb
Is avidly sucked through boreholes!

Ancestors ‘re forgotten,
All foreheads ‘re broken,
Let’s bow lower –
Your “lord” is cruel!!!
Call dirt and rubbish
As “money and power”!..
So, Life’s last gulp
Is finally left!!!

We’ll stain our World
With soot and ashes,
We’ll give our children
To drink boiling flows.
We’ll mention Ancestors in fiery hashes
And rush to the arms
With red-hot claws!

Видео: MUNRUTHEL- Rolls of Thunder from Fiery Skies (drum cam)


Munruthel-Rolls Of Thunder From Fiery Skies

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